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The platform provided by UBS-Global does not contain hidden fees, as well as unnecessary or overly complex functionality. It displays all the necessary analytical information that a trader may need for a quick and effective start, as well as support in further trading. Start trading right now and see for yourself!

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Digital currency is a rapidly gaining recognition asset that provides unlimited opportunities for active earnings on the growth or decline of current quotations.

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In real time, you can track all the current changes in stock quotes right on the platform. In addition, the auxiliary functionality provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the analytical forecasting of the most profitable deals that will be carried out within the next 24 hours.


Our best analysts constantly conduct training webinars that will show you how you can trade in the financial market with the maximum benefit to increase your capital.



News about changes in the financial market and current movements in price growth or decline.



Lots of useful information to help you hone your trading skills and strategy.

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